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Leverage the four forces of culture to drive successful organizational change

Ron Johnson boasted a stellar resume. Educated at Harvard and Stanford, he spent twelve years at Apple, designing the retail strategy that birthed the fabulously successful Apple Stores. He went on to a stint at Target, where, as vice president of merchandising, he launched the eye-catching line of Michael Graves products and, according to retail…

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What is the true value of Organizational Visioning?

In the outset of their book Lead from the Future: How to Turn Visionary Thinking into Breakthrough Growth, the futurists Mark Johnson and Josh Suskewicz discuss the perils of what they term the “present-forward fallacy”-the belief that organizations can envision the future by incrementally expanding on what they’ve done in the past. The first passenger…

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Pathways To Digital Transformation

Engage organization-wide through digital visioning, pilots and learning. In January 2020, a consulting client—we’ll refer to them here as Major Metropolitan Credit Union—was coming off one of its most successful years ever. Member satisfaction scores had climbed to an all-time high. Profitability measures pointed to impressive financial strength. Ambitious plans to build new branches were…

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