Tech Impact

Supported a strategy process for a leading technology provider, Tech Impact, that acquired a data analytics and AI business unit to solve public sector challenges.

We found Matthew to be highly skilled in understanding the scope of the plan required, convening the leadership team and engaging them in the process. He helped us fully develop a comprehensive, achievable and well-architected plan.

Patrick Callihan, CEO, Tech Impact

The Opportunity

Tech Impact is a leading US-based, nonprofit technology provider. It offers maintenance and technical support, consulting services, and a training program to help organizations leverage the benefits of technology and achieve their missions.

In 2021, Tech Impact acquired a data lab that uses algorithms and artificial intelligence to solve complex public sector challenges. The acquisition opened potential new markets—government and public sector clients. But it also raised several questions.

How should Tech Impact integrate the lab with its existing operations? How could it place the lab on a path of sustainable growth? What customer needs should it serve?

Research & Workshop Facilitation

Working closely with the client, we assembled a steering group to guide the strategic planning process. Matthew J Hill then conducted discovery-driven interviews with senior leaders from Tech Impact, the data lab, the board, and key customers. We complemented this work with contextual research on data science trends in the public sector.

The interviews revealed that public sector agencies needed help with data sharing, integration, analysis, and visualization. This full service model presented a new business opportunity for Tech Impact. We synthesized these and other core insights and used them to facilitate a strategy workshop with leading stakeholders.

A Detailed Strategy

By the end of the workshop, the participants aligned around a shared business strategy that focused on state and county governments. We then drafted a detailed strategy report that was enhanced by input from the leadership team. At project end, the leadership was equipped with an implementation plan that defined short, medium, and long-range steps to integrate the new business unit and expand its public sector offerings.

Commenting on his experience of working with Matthew, Patrick Callihan, CEO of Tech Impact, adds:

“I have had the pleasure of working with Matthew and his team on another occasion to develop a similar plan, and his previous work was also exceptional. I would not hesitate to engage with him and his team on future strategic work.”

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